EC2960A – 1.5A/2A Fast Trans. Resp. Line Regualtor

EC2960A – 1.5A/2A Fast Trans. Resp. Line Regualtor
General description
The EC2960/EC2960A linear regulator is designed to provide a regulated voltage with bi-direction output current for DDRSDRAM termination voltage. The EC2960 integrates
two power transistors to source or sink load current up to 1.5A/2A.It also features internal soft-start, current-limit, thermal shutdown and enable control functions into a single
chip.The internal soft-start controls the rising rate of the output voltage to prevent inrush current during start-up.The current-limit circuit detects the output current and limits the current during short-circuit or current overload conditions. The on-chip thermal shutdown provides thermal protection against any combination of overload that would create excessive junction temperatures. The output voltage of EC2960/EC2960A is regulated to track the voltage on VREF pin. An proper resistor divider connected to VIN, GND, and VREF pins is used to provide a half voltage of VIN to VREF pin. In addition, connect an external ceramic capacitor and a open-drain transistor to VREF pin for external soft-start and shutdown control. Pulling and holding the voltage on VREF below the enable voltage threshold shuts down the output. The output of EC2960/EC2960A will be high impedance after being shutdown by VREF or the thermal shutdown function.

● Provide Bi-direction Output Currents
● Sourcing and Sinking Current up to 1.5A/2A Built-in Soft-Start
● Power-On-Reset Monitoring on VCNTL and VIN pins
● Fast Transient Response
● Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitors ±20mV High System Output Accuracy over Load and Temperature Ranges
● Adjustable Output Voltage by External Resistors
● Current-Limit Protection
● On-Chip Thermal Shutdown
● Shutdown for Standby or Suspend Mode
●SimpleSOP-8 with Exposed Pad(SOP8-EP) Packages
● Lead Free and Green Devices Available(RoHS Compliant)

● DDRII/III SDRAM Termination Voltage
● Motherboard and VGA Card Power Supplies
● Setop Box
● SSTL-2/3 Termination Voltage

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