EC3121-300mA 2CH Low Dropout Linear Regulator

EC3121-300mA 2CH Low Dropout Linear Regulator
General description
The EC3121 is a low noise and high accuracy, high ripple rejection ratio, low dropout, dual CMOS LDO voltage regulators with enable function. The EN function allows the output of each regulator to be turned off independently, resulting in greatly reduced power consumption.

The current limit of EC3121 is over 350mA per channel and also operates as a short protection for the output current limiter. The output voltage for each regulator is set independently by metal trimming.

The EC3121 comes with low design cost and outstanding output stability and its compatibility of working with low ESR ceramic capacitors is undoubted. This high level output stability is maintained even during frequent load fluctuations, due to the excellent transient response performance and high PSRR achieved across a broad range of frequency, so these ICs are suitable for hand-held communication equipment power supply.

n Input Voltage Range: 2.5V to 6.0V

n Varied Fixed Output Voltage Combinations

n 150mV Dropout at 100mA Output Current


n Low Quiescent Current

n Standby Current :1uA(Typ.)

n Current Limit and Short Current Protections

n Fast Transient Response

n Low ESR Capacitor Compatible(X7R,X5R)

n Available in the 6-Pin Pb-Free SOT23-6L Packages




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