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ELP3301-1.2MHz,30V/1A High Boost Converter

General description

The ELP3301 is a 1.2MHz PWM boost switching regulator designed for constant-voltage boost applications. The ELP3301 can drive a string of up to 30V. The ELP3301 implements a constant frequency 1.2MHz PWM control scheme. The high frequency PWM operation also saves board space by reducing external component sizes. To improve efficiency, the feedback voltage is set to 1250mV, which reduces the power dissipation in the voltage setting resistor. Highly integration and internal compensation network minimizes as 5 external component counts. Optimized operation frequency can meet the requirement of small LC filters value and low operation current with high efficiency.


  High Efficiency: 90% 

  1.2MHzFixed-Frequency PWM Operation

  Maximum Output Voltage up to 30V

  Guaranteed 13V/200mA Output with 5V input

  Operating Range : 2.7V to 5.5V

  Shutdown Supply Current:<1uA 

  Programmable Soft-star

  Available in SOT23-6/SOT23-5 Package 

  Minimize the External Component

  RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free



      Panel Bais Voltage supply

  OLED Backlight driver

  Notebook Computers

      Portable Applications



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