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ECSD0603V18-ESD Protection Devices

General description

 This device is an ultra low capacitance PESD product designed to protect very high speed data interfaces. ECSD0603V18 has a typical capacitance of only 0.05pf (I/O to GND), and it can be used to meet the ESD immunity requirements of IEC61000-4-2 (15KV air, 8KV

contact discharge).



■ ESD protection for high speed data lines to


■ ESD contact discharge typical 8KV, max 15KV

■ ESD air discharge typical 15KV, max 25KV

■ Surface mount

■ Extremely low capacitance

■ Very low leakage current

■ Fast response time

■ Bi-directional ESD protection

■ Lead free solder termination

■ The best ESD protection for high frequency, low voltage applications



■ High Definition Multi-Media Interface (HDMI)

■ Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

Display Port Interface (DP)

■ Unified Display Interface (UDI)

■ Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI)

■ Gigabit Ethernet

■ USB2.0 and USB3.0

■ IEEE1394 interface


Pin Configurations

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