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EC9288 - 5V 6A 1.2MHz Synchronous Boost Converter

General description

The EC9288 is a synchronous rectifier, fixed switching frequency (1.2MHz typical), and current-mode step-up regulator. The device allows use o f small inductors and output capacitors for USB devices. The current-mode control scheme provides fast transient response and good output voltage accuracy. At light loads, the EC9288 will automatically enter in Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) operation to reduce the dominant switching losses. During PFM operation, the IC consumes very low quiescent current and maintains high efficiency over the complete load range. The EC9288 also includes current-limit and over temperature shutdown to prevent damage in the event of an output overload. The EC9288 is available in SOP-8(Exposed Pad) packages.



92%EffiicencySynchronousBoostConverter With 1000-mA Output Current From 1.8V Input

Stable with Low ESR Output Capacitors

Fixed 1.2MHz Oscillator Frequency

Low EMI Converter (Integrated Anti-Ringing Function)

Low Battery Output

Integrated Power Save Mode Operation to Improve Light Load Efficiency

On load startup

Automatic restart after protection

Load Disconnected During Shutdown

Output Current-Limit Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Enable/Shutdown Function

Available in SOP-8(Exposed Pad) Packages

Lead Free and Green Devices Available( RoHS Compliant)


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