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EC3689-800KHz Syn. Converter with 5.5A Switches

General description

 The EC3689 devices provide a power supply solution for products powered by either a one-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery. The converter generates a stable output voltage that is either adjusted by an external resistor divider or fixed internally on the chip. It provides high efficient power conversion and is capable of delivering output currents up to 2.1A at 5.3V at a supply voltage down to 2.9V. The maximum peak current in the step-up switch is limited to a value of 5.5A. The EC3689 operates at 800KHz switching frequency and enters pulse-skip-mode (PSM) operation at light load currents to maintain high efficiency over the entire load current range. During shutdown, the load is completely disconnected from the battery.


  Synchronous Step-up Converter with 2.1A Output  Current From 2.9V Input

Wide VIN Range From 2.9V to 5.5V

Input Under-voltage Lockout Protection

Fixed and Adjustable Output Voltage

Built-in Output Over-voltage Protection

Light-Load Pulse Skip Mode

Load Disconnect During Shutdown

Output Short Circuit Protection

Thermal Shutdown Protection

Available in a SOP8(Exposed PAD) Packages


 DC/DC Micro Modules

◆ Power Bank

◆ USB Charging Port(5V)

Pin Configurations

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